Live Webcam Guitar Lessons

With the price of gasoline skyrocketing and your available free time shrinking, perhaps you have thought about taking online guitar lessons. Yet most online programs only offer pre-recorded guitar lessons. Though convenient and price-effective, on-demand video lessons may not be the complete answer to your needs. You may want instant, real-time feedback from your instructor, just as you would if you were right there in our LAGA studios. With our live webcam guitar lessons, that is now possible. Your teacher will be as close as your computer screen or tablet.

LAGA's webcam guitar lessons

Why Should I Take Webcam Guitar Lessons from LAGA?

Our guitar faculty members all have graduate training from prestigious music schools and years of performing with some of the top artists in the world. Unlike many studios who offer webcam guitar lessons, we hire only experts who can deliver some of the best guitar instruction anywhere in the world. We believe that it is much better to learn the guitar from people who have studied the very latest ways to teach great technique—even if you have to travel a great distance to study with them. With our new, live distance learning program, you don’t have to travel any further than your living room.

What Will I Learn?

Customized Lessons

We believe in giving our students the power of choice when it comes to guitar lessons. We are here to meet your needs. Study in one style, or mix up your favorite blend of guitar genres. Have a favorite guitarist whose musicianship you want to emulate? We can do that, too! Our teachers are here to help you learn whatever style you prefer: classical guitar, Flamenco guitar, pop/rock guitar, music theory/fingerboard theory, world music, and more. We even have webcam guitar lessons available in composition, arranging, film scoring, pedagogy (teaching), and songwriting!

Classical Guitar

Our classical guitar program, now available through private webcam guitar lessons, has trained some of the finest guitarists on the West Coast. Our students learn correct technique from the ground up from our master teachers, who combine a traditional method with a rote kinesthetic approach in a step-by-step, systematic method that will have you playing with a high level of technical proficiency in less time than in many methods. This method, now translated to our webcam guitar lessons, has proven effective with a variety of students and a wide range of learning styles.

Flamenco Guitar

We cover all of the traditional Flamenco forms: Soleares, Seguiriyas, Tangos, Bulerias, Fandangos, and more. We teach the Flamenco guitar using the time – honored Flamenco method – the student observing their teacher closely, then imitating his every movement on their own instrument. Depending on your technical ability, your level and your background in basic Flamenco concepts, our teachers will create a custom live webcam Flamenco guitar lesson plan to meet your needs and help you reach your musical goals.

Rock and Pop Guitar

Imagine yourself playing all of your favorite songs without having to guess, without learning bad habits that can make your hands ache while learning? Imagine yourself learning to play them much more quickly than you have ever learned before. In our webcam rock guitar lessons, we teach our students the basic musical structures that form a given song, than teach them to play that song with a technique that will sound great with less effort. By learning this basic structure, you will learn to play just about any piece of music by ear. The best part – with our method, you can start playing your favorite music in the very first two lessons – we guarantee it!

Music Theory for the Guitar

A great foundation in music theory is essential for any serious musician. To really make your fingers fly on your guitar, learn to know your guitar’s fingerboard. Guitarists of every genre can benefit from training in music theory. When you understand the harmonic, tonal, and melodic construction of the music you are playing, you will simply play better. Learning fingerboard theory can help catapult you to success as a composer, arranger, or songwriter. It’s the secret to musical success! Start learning music theory with our live online webcam guitar lessons today!

Latin and World Music

We are a global community. Want to learn more about other nations, other cultures? One of the best ways to learn about a culture is to learn its music. As an added bonus, you can interpret the exotic new sounds you learn into your own music. Sample musical selections from Africa, the Americas, the Balkan region, India, Indonesia, and other Asian regions – and more! We have teachers who have studied world music at the doctoral level – who are just waiting to share their love of indigenous music with you through our new live online guitar courses in Latin and world music.

Other Programs and Styles

For a detailed description of more of our programs, take a look at our curriculum. For custom-designed webcam guitar lessons, please contact us. Simply tell us your background and what you wish to accomplish, and we will send you a free, no-obligation proposal for webcam guitar lessons that can help you reach your goals.

What Equipment Do I Need For Webcam Guitar Lessons?

Webcam and microphone. We recommend Logitech QuickCam Pro 9, or a higher model.
Medium-high speed Internet connection. You may test your Internet connection here.

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