Free First Meeting

Your First Guitar Lesson is Free!

When you begin taking guitar lessons at Los Angeles Guitar Academy, your first lesson is free of charge. In this half hour-long meeting, we will cover basic techniques, as well as choosing which style or styles of guitar music you wish to learn.Your first paid lesson will take place on the same day, immediately after the first free lesson. We have discovered that such a long initial session gives our instructors a chance to go over all of the technical aspects that need to be covered initially, to evaluate your playing level, and to get a sense of your focus and ability levels. Furthermore, it gives you a good chunk of the instructor’s time, so you can get to know the instructor, and discover whether he will be a good fit with your needs and learning style. Also, a long session also gives you and your teacher a chance to talk about a possible lesson plan, as well as choices of style and pieces within that style. Although we ask for a deposit which covers your first month of lessons before we confirm the date for your first free and first paid lesson, we will happily refund the remainder of the first month’s tuition, should things not work out well with your teacher, provided you cancel within three days of your first lesson. You will owe nothing for the half-hour lesson, just the teacher’s hourly fee for the first paid session.

“What Will We Cover in my First Lesson?”

-basic sitting position

-left hand basics

-right hand basics

-coordination exercises

-your musical background and goals

-decide on a lesson plan.

“How do I prepare for the first meeting?”

-Bring your guitar. Although there are student guitars at the studios, we highly recommend that you bring your own guitar to each lesson. Check with your teacher for availability.

If you do not own a guitar, we recommend starting off with a quality student-level guitar such as the Rodriguez B, or a decent model such as the Cordoba C-5. If  you are on a budget, try a good lower-priced guitar, such as the Yamaha C40. If you are a beginner who is looking specifically for  a Flamenco guitar, the Antonio Hermosa AH-15 Flamenco Guitar, crafted from cypress, would be an excellent choice.

-You will not need to bring a footstool to your guitar lessons, since there will be footstools in the studio. Please make sure that you own one for your practice sessions at home.

If you don’t own a footstool, we recommend a standard guitar footstool or an ergonomic wooden footstool.

-No practice before the meeting is necessary; we will cover a full range of warm-up and technical exercises. Most students find these “diagnostic drills” refreshing and simplifying. In fact, it often becomes apparent that many of the routines and exercises that you have previously learned will seem unnecessary and counterproductive.

-Trim the fingernails on your left hand as short as possible without causing pain, because you will be placing your fingers perpendicularly on the frets of the guitar.

-Bring any sheet music and/or books that you want to discuss with your teacher.