Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons

Born in the throes of the Great Depression and continuing even through the Nazis’ occupation of its native France, gypsy jazz lifted the spirits of many a French citizen during some of the world’s most difficult years. Also known as jazz manouche, gypsy jazz was the brainchild of Django Reinhardt, a self-taught guitarist of Romani (gypsy) descent.

Gypsy jazz continues to chase the blues away to this very day. Now you can learn to play gypsy jazz the guitar with gypsy jazz guitar lessons at Los Angeles Guitar Academy. Based on Django Reinhardt’s traditional style of observation and repetition, no music reading skills are necessary.

Our gypsy jazz guitar instructors will help you learn to play various Django Reinhardt pieces, teaching you to analyze the structure of the music so that you can come up with your own improvisations on the music. You can learn to play the gypsy jazz guitar in our Los Angeles guitar studios and online through our live webcam guitar lessons