Online Guitar Lessons by LAGA

Online guitar lessons by LAGAIn January 2009, Los Angeles Guitar Academy launched its online guitar lesson platform, LAGA Online. What began as a simple repertoire database for our in-studio classes and private lessons blossomed into an expansive, stand-alone program of online guitar lessons that attract students globally. For the first time, students can access LAGA’s world class instruction from the comfort of their own homes.

LAGA Online features a systematic, comprehensive curriculum that has something to offer for every guitarist, regardless of skill level or playing style. The online platform includes more than two thousand online guitar lessons and videos. It hosts a formidable lineup that is accessible 24/7. We cover classical guitar, Flamenco guitar, fingerboard theory and more. In addition to the on-demand programs, guitarists may also choose live, one-on-one lessons via webcam. Here, we virtually deliver our acclaimed instruction to you!

LAGA’s world renowned instructors sequence tutorials in each program by skill sets and proficiency levels for the online platform and webcam lessons. Online guitar lessons are supplemented with sheet music files and technical commentary. Students are personally guided through the program via complimentary, monthly feedback from the LAGA Faculty. Whether through the online platform or webcam, lessons progress at a pace that allows you the opportunity to master each skill before moving to the next. Students learn at their own pace from the comforts of their own home.

First time on-demand students receive a free 3-day trial, which includes both classical and Flamenco. No credit card needed. To begin, log on to LAGA Online.

Online Guitar Lessons Versus Private Guitar Lessons


* Less personal contact between instructors and fellow students.

* Fewer opportunities for hands-on instruction.

* Feedback is transmitted electronically rather than in-person.

* Lessons are offered at a premium to on-demand or webcam lessons


* The cost of online lessons are considerably less than in-person.

* Online lessons eliminate travel cost, travel time and parking hassles.

* Students from all over the world are welcome to take online lessons.

* Students who are timid can learn in the privacy of their homes.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary appointment with a member of our faculty to discuss which option would be right for you.