Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Guitar Academy offers a comprehensive musical education program for students of all ages and levels in the Los Angeles area. We provide professional guitar lessons to residents of downtown L.A., Pasadena, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Alhambra, Glendale, Culver City, Burbank, La Canada, and nearby communities.

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Our teaching philosophy blends the best of the traditional guitar masters such as Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega, Dionisio Aguado, and Andres Segovia; with the influence of modern masters such as David Russell, John Williams, Julian Bream, Pepe Romero, James Smith, and Scott Tennant. Flamenco guitar virtuosos such as Paco de Lucia, Paco Pena, and Pepe Habicuela have also inspired our teaching style. We provide both classical guitar and Flamenco guitar lessons, as well as a wide variety of supplementary classes. See our curriculum page for a full listing of these classes. Our world-class guitar teachers are accomplished concert guitarists who combine their performance experience with a profound gift for teaching. They guide our students to reach their untapped potential, helping each student create his or her unique playing style through one-on-one private guitar instruction. Our instructors have a combined experience of over forty years teaching the guitar. Each of the faculty members who will instruct you has at least ten years of experience teaching guitar lessons. We have studios in Pasadena, Hollywood, Van Nuys, and downtown Los Angeles for your convenience.

Guitar lessons in Los Angeles for all levels from beginner to advanced 

We offer guitar lessons in Los Angeles for all levels of students with various musical backgrounds.

Advanced/Professional Level Guitarists:

Fine-tune your technical skills and take your artistry to a whole new level as you prepare for competitions, auditions, recital tours, and recording sessions.

Guitar lessons at the Los Angeles Guitar Academy prepare advanced guitar students for the rigorous admission standards and auditions required by highly-competitive music schools and conservatories, including University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Manhattan Conservatory of Music, Pepperdine University, University of California Riverside, and Northwestern University. Former LAGA students have successfully pursued both master’s and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as graduate diploma and performance certificate programs.

The classical guitar lessons and Flamenco guitar lessons at LAGA prepare students well for the high-stakes atmosphere of national and international guitar competitions and festivals. Other advanced students have received music internships as a result of their training at the Los Angeles Guitar Academy.

Professional musicians, whether recording artists, stage artists, ensemble musicians, composers and arrangers, have all benefited from our unique approach to guitar lessons, which incorporate aural-kinesthetic concepts and disciplines such as the Alexander Technique. Discover the advantage that taking guitar lessons from Los Angeles Guitar Academy can give you in the highly competitive Los Angeles music scene!

Intermediate Level Guitarists:

Our intermediate-level classes and lessons will transform your musicianship, propelling you to even higher levels of artistry. For those of you who have future professional goals, your guitar lessons will teach you how to arrange your own music, which will enrich your repertoire and will provide you valuable experience in music theory and composition.


Professional guitar lessons will help you achieve the technical ability to perform music in your favorite styles, while building confidence and enjoyment. Our unique teaching system will make the first stages of learning the instrument fun and easy. Our guitar teachers combine traditional classical guitar methods with Flamenco and Latin forms to help you learn a solid technique. Building your technique, in turn, will make playing your guitar infinitely more enjoyable. Guitar lessons will cease being a chore, and become something you eagerly anticipate!

Music Enthusiasts:

Learn to play the guitar as a relaxing hobby. Once you have a basic technical foundation, you will create your own curriculum with your teacher’s guidance. At Los Angeles Guitar Academy, you can have a fully personalized repertoire consisting of only the pieces and styles that you want to play.

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