Custom Guitar Lessons

Learn to Play Pieces You Want to Learn

Our instructors have a wide range of experience in many different styles of music. Many of them have graduate school training in ethnomusicology, a discipline in which they learn about the many styles of music in cultures throughout the world. They can play by ear, that is, they an hear a piece of music, then duplicate it on their guitar without having tabs, chords, or a written score. They can teach you to play your guitar by ear, too!

Combine Several Styles in a Custom Plan

Or suppose you want to combine a through study of music theory with learning to play the classical, rock, or Flamenco guitar. With our custom-tailored lesson plans, you can study all of your favorite styles. Customized guitar instruction is available both in our Los Angeles-area studios and through live webcam guitar lessons.

A Custom Plan that Will Help You Reach Your Goals

For you, the student, this means that once you learn the basics, you can choose to learn music from just one artist, or a whole plethora of artists and styles. Just state what you want to learn on our pre-registration form, and we will set you up with an instructor that can help you meet your goals, no matter how many people have told you “it isn’t possible.”