Children’s Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for children and teens can help develop confidence and self-esteem in youth as they master learning to play the guitar. Los Angeles Guitar Academy offers both studio guitar lessons in the LA area, as well as live webcam guitar instruction. Late afternoon and early evening lesson slots are available after school hours. We also have early and mid-afternoon lesson times for homeschooled children and teens to study the guitar with our highly-trained guitar faculty as part of their homeschool music program.


Suzuki Guitar Lessons (Ages 3-12):

The purpose of Suzuki training is to help every child to find the joy that comes through creating music. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in an environment of total support; developing confidence and self-esteem, as well as their determination to try new and difficult things. Self-discipline and concentration, as well as the sensitivity and skill for making music are only some of the rewards of the Suzuki program. Through an initial rote learning approach, students are able to play music quickly and successfully. Music reading is postponed until the child’s aural and instrumental skills are well established. Since each child progresses at his/her own pace, the Academy curriculum moves in small steps so that the child can master the material with a total sense of success. Rest assured, our Suzuki guitar teachers have the training to develop your child’s musical skills and self-esteem in a fun-filled environment.

Classical Guitar for Children:

Serious young students who have a strong desire to learn to play the classical guitar, whether as a hobby, or if they have career ambitions, can benefit from classical guitar lessons from Los Angeles Guitar Academy. Our friendly guitar instructors teach youth to play the guitar with a method that incorporates all of the learning channels: the aural, the verbal, and the kinesthetic. Positive encouragement, together with constructive advice, builds self-discipline in the child. Children will learn basic music reading skills, and progress through the classical curriculum at a pace that suits them. Learning to play classical music helps to build healthy neural pathways in a child’s brain. Children with learning differences can benefit greatly from our rote kinesthetic and reverse rote kinesthetic approach. Our instructors have had great success in working with people with dyslexia, ADHD, and other neurological issues.

Rock and Acoustic Guitar for Children:

Have a child with a crush on the latest teen idol? Or perhaps one that wants to become the next rock sensation? Our teachers will tailor your children’s ┬álearning around their favorite artists’ music, while incorporating some classical technique, note reading, and music theory into the mix. We teach all styles of popular music, and can customize lessons for each child’s interest.

Kids’ Jam Sessions or Chamber Music:

Children who want to get together with their LAGA friends to make music may plan a session to play music with their friends under the direction of one of the LAGA faculty members. Learning to play music with others teaches children important important skills in communication and cooperation. Furthermore, it develops important musical skills such as blending in with others, keeping proper time, and the ability to listen to the various instruments as they blend together in harmony.