Los Angeles Guitar Academy Charities

[br]Bringing Harmony to Los Angeles…and the World

 [br][br]We at Los Angeles Guitar Academy want to share our love of the guitar with people all over the world. To do that, we have to first end the poverty that keeps people from being able to express themselves through music–because they spend their days searching for just enough food and water to make it through the day. We decided to do something to help out some organizations that are trying to meet people’s material needs so that they can have time to make art.

Our online division, Los Angeles Guitar Academy Online, is giving 10% of all of its tuition fees to these fine organizations whose mission is to lend a helping hand. to those less fortunate. You could even purchase a subscription to our online guitar lesson program for someone you know who could use a little music in their life, but who cannot afford it on their own.


We Support[br]


An organization that fights poverty, gives aid in times of crisis, and empowers women to impact their communities and the world.



This charitable organization battles poverty by partnering with local residence to produce sustainable solutions to the problem of hunger.


This charity serves as an advocate for children all over the world to provide  freedom from poverty, disease, prejudice, and violence.[br][br]


The World Health Organization partners with the United Nations to provide better health for all the world’s citizens.[br][br]


The International Fund For Animals is one of the world’s best-known animal welfare organizations, leading the charge against cruelty.[br][br][br]


Guitar lessons are available at a 10% discount for current and retired members of those services which risk their lives to help others. We thank you for risking your lives to end injustice, give aid to the poor, protect the defenseless, and provide for the needs of the most vulnerable among us. [br]

Making music can be one of the best ways to relieve the stress that comes with such a high-risk career. Learning to play the guitar gives you a pastime that you can enjoy both by yourself and in the company of your friends. [br]

Please contact us with proof of your membership in one of these groups before you sign up for studio guitar lessons, live webcam guitar lessons, or pre-recorded online guitar lessons. We will email you a discount code for you to use during checkout. [br]